An astounding 88 percent of the workforce admits to procrastinating at least one hour per day. And procrastination, for the 12 percent of you who don’t do it, is the unnecessary postponing of actions or decisions for no discernible reason.

Is it possible to hack your way out of procrastinating?

Instagram founder Kevin Systrom thinks you can:

“If you don’t want to do something, make a deal with yourself to do at least five minutes of it. After five minutes, you’ll end up doing the whole thing.”

Reasons vary for procrastinating; from task aversion to anxiety to ill-defined goals to distractions. Whatever your reason, Kevin’s 5-minute rule is simple enough to implement and could well be the nudge you need to overcome procrastination.

kmeron | (CC BY 2.0)



When is a cryptocurrency a security, and when isn’t it? Last week, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairman Gary Gensler says proof-of-stake (PoS) crypto could be considered securities — this now includes Ethereum, which shifted to PoS this past Thursday.

Gensler told Congress on Thursday that assets which allow the holder to earn passive income through staking could pass the Howey test (Not our Howie) — a test used by courts to classify an asset as a security by determining whether or not an investor can expect to earn income from holding the asset.

Gensler is previously on record claiming Bitcoin is a commodity because it functions under proof-of-work (PoW) protocol.

His latest comments on Ethereum could have implications for other PoS networks like Cardono and Solana, subjecting them to U.S. securities laws.