Amazon Launches Bedrock generative AI, Laying the Groundwork to Regulate AI, and the Most Promising AI Startups of 2023

AI Bytes: Volume CI, Issue #18

Pete Weishaupt
3 min readApr 15, 2023

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III. AWS launches Bedrock generative AI

Amazon Web Services is launching a new cloud service called Bedrock for generative artificial intelligence, which will allow clients to use language models from Amazon and other startups. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says that training “really good” AI models can cost billions of dollars. Companies such as Pegasystems, Deloitte, and Accenture are among those interested in using Bedrock.

II. Schumer lays groundwork for Congress to regulate AI

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is working on legislation to regulate AI technology. The regulations would focus on four guardrails geared towards ensuring responsible AI, including transparency and strong ethical boundaries. Schumer plans to refine his proposal with input from academic, industry and government experts, and the legislation would require bipartisan backing to overcome the Senate filibuster’s 60-vote threshold.

I. 44 of the most promising generative-artificial-intelligence startups of 2023, according to VCs

A list of the most promising generative-AI startups of 2023 as nominated by 22 top artificial-intelligence and machine-learning investors. The startups are categorized into model layer, tools layer, and applications layer, and include companies like OpenAI, MosaicML, Jasper, and Latitude.


II. How to Think About the Current Moment in AI — John Borthwick

In this episode of Hidden Forces the founder and CEO of Betaworks, John Borthwick, speaks with Demetri Kofinas about the current state of artificial intelligence. They revisit the challenges and opportunities present in the field of AI and whether the immersive future they spoke about in a previous episode has finally arrived.

I. Peter Ma on Using AI to Find Promising Signals for Alien Life

Peter Ma, an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, used artificial intelligence to analyze a dataset of radio signals collected by the SETI Breakthrough Listen project. Ma and his co-authors found eight signals that could be signs of alien technology, and their study was published in Nature Astronomy.


I. I Tried 200 AI Tools, These are the Best


Sat Ramphal CEO & Co-founder of Maya AI

AI Can Write a Song, but It Can’t Beat the Market

A New Approach to Computation Reimagines Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Can’t Close Sales As Well As a Human

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AI Tool Tracker

I’m sharing a Notion page with the various AI tools I’ve been trying out. You can access it here.

* Check out ClipDrop by Stability AI — I’m a late bloomer, and apparently the tool has been out since March, which is like 100 years in AI…