Charging to Train Data, AI as Teacher & Tutor, Autonomous Agents, and StableLM takes on ChatGPT

AI Bytes: Volume CI, Issue #19

Pete Weishaupt
3 min readApr 25, 2023

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III. Stack Overflow Will Charge AI Giants for Training Data

Stack Overflow plans to begin charging large AI developers for access to its 50 million questions and answers. Reddit also plans to charge some AI developers for access to its content. The News/Media Alliance has called on generative AI developers to negotiate any use of their data for training and other purposes and respect their right to fair compensation. The move follows concerns that AI developers have traditionally paid nothing for much of their training data, scraping it from the web.

II. How Much Can Duolingo Teach Us?

The company’s founder, Luis von Ahn, believes that artificial intelligence is going to make computers better teachers than humans. Duolingo uses machine learning and gamification to teach languages, with a focus on building blocks and immersion. The company’s use of AI has expanded to include GPT-4, which generates reading-comprehension questions and conversation prompts for a new, pricier subscription tier called Duolingo Max.

I. The Complete Beginners Guide To Autonomous Agents

Autonomous agents are becoming prevalent in various industries, including social media management, political campaigns, and education. The process for building and using autonomous agents typically involves initializing a goal, collecting data, analyzing the context, generating tasks, prioritizing and executing tasks, monitoring performance, and iterating for improvement. As the AI advances, autonomous agents have the potential to democratize personal assistance, increase productivity, and empower individuals to focus on personal growth and creativity.


II. The Computing Platform Underlying AI, with Jensen Huang, Founder & CEO of NVIDIA

Nvidia GPUs are crucial to the AI revolution, and the Nvidia A100 is the workhorse of today’s AI ecosystem. Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia, discusses the company’s evolution beyond gaming, making long-term bets in areas such as climate and biopharma, their next-gen Hopper chip, and how they choose unsolvable problems to tackle.

I. AI for Customer Experience-Focused Marketing — with David Greenberg of Conversica

David Greenberg, CMO of Conversica, discusses the challenges faced by sales and marketing teams in converting leads to opportunities and how AI can be the foundation for customer experience-focused marketing. They also explore how data is helping enterprises grow their outbound in a manageable way and reduce high SDR turnover.


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