Elegant UI Hides Complexity

I have a confession. I’m obsessed with applications. It wasn’t always this way. Sure, the smartphone was homebase for Twitter, but most of life was lived on the desktop or laptop. Browser based activity. TD Ameritrade for stocks, Google Docs, YouTube, the usual stuff. My Camtasia suite is bound to the desktop. I slowly came around to things like Robinhood and Coinbase on the smartphone.

Then it happened. With the family in Tampa, I ended up back in DC, working, for longer than I expected. The desktop stayed in Florida. Staying in Airbnb’s forced me to conduct all entrepreneurial activities from a smartphone. But, this is how 99% of the world does it anyway.

I had it backasswards, 99% of what I was doing, I did on a desktop/laptop. I’ve turned it around. I can now do 99% of what needs to be done on my smartphone. There are only a couple of things that still need a desktop. But, I look forward to the day when I can ditch the desktop/laptop completely.

I only wish this had happened sooner.

All of this, which probably happened to you way before it hit me, leads me to Howard Lindzon and the quest for elegant UI that hides complexity.

That’s it. Elegant UI. I’ve never appreciated it more. Better yet, aesthetic UI. Between UI design, and behavioral science, the future looks bright.