How AI will Change Entrepreneurship, the Biggest Threat to Knowledge Workers, Know when to Hold, Know when to Fold, and the Joys of an Un-Optimized Life

Social Leverage Letter | Issue #86

Pete Weishaupt
2 min readApr 25, 2023

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III. How AI will Change the Face of Entrepreneurship

The Future Founder’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence shows how AI can help founders save time and money, and how to approach hiring with AI in mind. AI can help with basic business and marketing tasks, research, and cash allocation. Founders would be wise to prioritize AI experience for hiring needs and also consider leveraging AI as an extension of their engineering team’s skills.

II. The threat to knowledge workers is not AI or automation. It’s their horrifying lack of productivity

A bigger threat to knowledge workers than AI is the Fundamental Productivity Blindspot in contemporary work culture. The five symptoms: underestimating potential to improve, overestimating daily productivity, underestimating daily unproductivity, underestimating the power of continuous improvement, and not understanding how to be deliberate about improvement. This results in a self-fulfilling prophecy where opportunities to improve are missed, not enough time is invested in improvement, and improvement doesn’t happen.

I. Quitting is a wildly underrated life strategy. Here’s why.

An emerging sector of neuroscience research is exploring the decision-making process behind knowing when to quit. Animals, including humans, engage in behaviors that promote survival, and they tend to abandon actions that are ineffective or perilous to their existence. Strategic quitting, in certain circumstances, can be seen as a crucial survival technique rather than a moral failing, highlighting the importance of assessing risks and potential rewards in decision-making.