If you Steal my Sunshine: The Future of Crypto

Pete Weishaupt
1 min readJul 20, 2021

Michael Sonnenshein of Grayscale Investments recently sat down with Howard Lindzon on Panic with Friends. Here are some of his thoughts on where we’re at in the crypto cycle:

We’re in the advanced stage of what is still a nascent asset class and technology; but we’re further along than we expected, and it’s all happening faster than we could have dreamed. The crypto market today is healthier and more two-sided. We have a robust derivatives market. We have lending and borrowing; we have trading tools, order management systems, and tax lot reporting.

It’s incredible how far it’s come. Bitcoin didn’t even exist 10 to 12 years ago. Right now you have bitcoin futures trading alongside commodities that have been around for a millennia. It’s all happened faster than we could have even dreamed. And we’re still in exceedingly early days.

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