Jerry Seinfeld on Writing & Success

In a recent podcast, Tim Ferriss interviewed Jerry Seinfeld. If you have the chance to listen, you’ll find the whole interview worthwhile. I’ll leave you with three insights from the interview you might find useful.

  1. Block off a time to write. Sit down and don’t do anything else. If you have written something, don’t invite feedback from anyone until the next day. Let the act of writing something be the reward.
  2. Confront problems immediately. Don’t let things fester.
  3. Manage your energy, not your time. Take breaks, work out, whatever you need to do to stay energized.

As Tim says in his title, there’s a lot to learn from Jerry’s systems and routines. You can listen to the full episode here.

“Attention is the new gold.” ~ J.P. O’Shaughnessy

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