Nothing Here if You Don’t Like Watches, Sick Burn from Marc Andreessen

Nothing: Volume CII, Issue #7


This was a weird week. This issue is all about Watches. I like watches. I even made my own. Made might be a stretch. More like heavily modified.

Made, modified, whatever you want to call it, it serves a constant reminder of my failed e-commerce business. That’s a story for another time…

’Til Valhalla!



Bespoke Unit

Why stop at Italian cars and women? Let the achingly beautiful Italian watches break your heart and bank account too. I’m not sure what a ‘Bespoke Unit’ is, but the website does a pretty good job of highlighting Italian brands and the history of Italian watchmaking.


Panic with Friends

It’s another Panic for this week as well. Couldn’t be helped. I love watches. Justin is an expert on buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches.


YouTube | The Time Teller

I don’t know what kind of crack this dude is smoking, but he makes Justin Reis’ point from the Panic podcast. Buy a Submariner. (The only thing better is a Valhalla — ha). I’ll give the guy credit for bringing the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms up. I’ll concede it’s maybe, just barely, a near peer to the Submariner.



Since this issue of Nothing was about Watches, I wanted to throw some love to Rob Petrozzo of Rally. Maybe you’re not looking to sink five figures down on a watch? The Rally app has opportunities from time to time for fractional ownership of some iconic, investment-grade watches.

Tweet of the Week

Sick burn from Marc Andreessen takes the win for this week:



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