Pop Culture gets AI Wrong, AI is Reshaping Hollywood, Make GPT-3 your Bitch (Journaling), and Will Bing be King?

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III. 16 Things Pop Culture Gets Wrong About Artificial Intelligence

Popular culture often portrays AI as a single entity capable of independent thought and emotion, but in reality it is a collection of technologies that are used to simplify everyday tasks and require human oversight to ensure accuracy.

II. How A.I. is reshaping the way movies are made

A.I. is revolutionizing the film industry, from de-aging actors to predicting audience preferences — even creating virtual influencers. Hollywood’s biggest players are investing in A.I. technology, but the jury is still out on the implications for artistic expression and the future of the industry.

I. GPT-3 Is the Best Journal I’ve Ever Used

GPT-3 is a great alternative to journaling, providing the same benefits of a written record, listening, and availability — with the added benefits of being able to take on different personas, such as Socrates or a psychoanalyst. Imagine being able to ask thoughtful questions being provided summaries of those conversations?


II. The new Microsoft Bing, and how artificial intelligence is changing the web

Microsoft veteran Yusuf Mehdi recently introduced the new Bing search engine and an updated version of Microsoft’s Edge browser with an AI-powered sidebar. He discussed the potential impact of AI search, Google’s response, and the precautions Microsoft is taking to prevent another “Tay” moment. The new Bing and Edge browser are available in a limited preview, with a wait-list for those who want to try the AI search.

I. AI Trends 2023: Causality and the Impact on Large Language Models with Robert Osazuwa Ness

Robert Osazuwa Ness, a senior researcher at Microsoft Research, discusses the latest trends in causal modeling, including advances in causal discovery, representation learning, and judgements. He also discusses the potential impact of causality on large language models, as well as the benchmarks, use cases, and opportunities in the field.


I. How to turn ChatGPT into your Personal Assistant | The Art of Prompting


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