Raiders of the Last ARK

Pete Weishaupt
2 min readMar 1, 2021


If you, like me, are investing in disruptive technologies, Cathie Wood of ARK Investment Management, LLC needs no introduction. She has a remarkable track record.

A $10k investment in the ARK Innovation ETF ( ARKK) a year ago has grown to $26k. The same investment in the ARK Next Generation Internet ETF ( ARKW) turned into about $26.4k.

That’s why ARK funds are the starting point for our little archeological “dig.” The ARK Innovation ETF has 55 holdings. The ARK Next Generation Internet ETF has 56 holdings, along with a position in Bitcoin. (Greyscale Bitcoin Trust)

You might consider just buying any or all of the ARK ETFs, but our goal is to mine the portfolio for key insights we can use to inform our independent investments. Our starting point is Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment, and Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals.

Join The AI Investor on our quest for holy grail companies as we cement our place in the history of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment

Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals


ARK gives us a good starting point to discover opportunities in disruptive technologies. In addition to non tech companies adopting AI for strategic competitive advantage, we’ll unravel opportunities in the companies who continue to build out the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Pete Weishaupt does not own shares in any company mentioned. The AI Investor has a disclosure policy. Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security.

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