Runge Cars

Art in motion, timeless by design.

Pete Weishaupt
1 min readApr 18, 2023

To say the story of Chris Runge is amazing is an understatement. It’s a story of turning a passion for metal shaping into building some of the most exclusive cars the world has ever seen; and all started in a family barn in rural Minnesota.

The video is a fascinating look into how Chris got into custom car building. Chris gives us a tour of the original Runge workshop and showcases his builds in various stages. Chris also shares the story of his 16-year old son’s BMW restoration project.

Chris wanted to build his own car. And with no experience and only knowing the basics of welding, he did just that. He had no plans to sell the car, or build more. After completing the car, he showed it at a Cars and Coffee, causing a sensation. Someone from the show contacted him asking to have a car built. This was the birth of Runge Cars, and the rest is history.

His latest creation, the Runge Veleno, started life as a Dodge Viper and has been transformed into a majestic four-wheeled polished aluminum work of art. And to think this was all sparked by a 15-year old Chris Runge reading “Porsche — Excellence was Expected” by Karl Ludwigsen.