So you Want to Become a Better Writer?

Part 4 | Jordan Peterson: Writing will make you unstoppable.

According to Peterson, writing is formalized thinking. When writing, you need a problem. Find something that grips your desire to investigate and start there. This will require you to read. Reading is good for you as well. Get your hands on as much as you can that addresses the problem you’re investigating.

Now start sorting through it. Summarize it. Iron out the contradictions between what you’ve learned and formulate you own thoughts. Get your word choice right, your sentence choice right, and organize your sentences into proper paragraphs. Create a coherent argument and at the same time integrate your own voice.

Hone your words until they become the most powerful thing about you. If you’re an effective writer and speaker and communicator, you’ll have all the authority and competence there is. Write about things you find important and see if you can discover what you believe is true. Build a foundation.

If you look at people who are phenomenally successful across life, you’ll often find they’re unbelievably good at articulating and strategizing and negotiating. Learning to write well will make you unstoppable. Become as articulate as possible in a dedicated way. There’s nothing more practical and noble than that.

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