Stability AI Open Audio Model, Amazon’s Project P.I., The Executive Behind Apple’s AI

This Week in AI: Volume CI, Issue #31

Pete Weishaupt
2 min readJun 7, 2024

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Introducing Stable Audio Open — An Open Source Model for Audio Samples and Sound Design

Stable Audio Open was trained on audio data from Freesound and the Free Music Archive allowing creators to build an open audio model while respecting creator rights.

  • Stable Audio Open is an open source model for generating short audio samples, sound effects and production elements using text prompts.
  • The model can create audio up to 47 seconds long.
  • Stable Audio Open is ideal for creating drum beats, instrument riffs, ambient sounds, foley recordings and other audio samples for music production and sound design.
  • Stable Audio Open is not optimized to generate full songs, melodies, or vocals.

Learn how Amazon uses AI to spot damaged products before they’re shipped to customers

Amazon’s Project P.I. enhances customer experiences by ensuring delivery of undamaged products; leading to sustainability improvements by reducing returns, which results in less waste and lower carbon emissions.

  • Amazon utilizes an AI model, Project P.I., to scan and identify damaged products before they are shipped to customers
  • The technology combines generative AI and computer vision to detect defects such as damage, incorrect color, or wrong size.
  • Project P.I. also helps identify the root cause of the defects to prevent future occurrences.

The quiet Apple executive behind company’s AI strategy

John Giannandrea is Apple’s top executive in charge of AI strategy. Giannandrea joined Apple in 2018 and was promoted to Apple’s leadership team within eight months. In this role, he reports directly to CEO Tim Cook. Giannandrea oversees the team responsible for Apple’s AI products and services and his work will be on display at Apple’s annual developers conference (WWDC).

At the conference, Apple is expected to reveal its work on generative AI across products like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, however, Giannandrea is expected to shy away from the spotlight during the WWDC. Sources who know him well describe Giannandrea as a humble, mild-mannered technologist who doesn’t seek attention. You taking notes Elon? J/K

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