The Lotus Emeya

Luxury, Performance, and Innovation

Pete Weishaupt
2 min readSep 10


Brace yourselves for a revelation poised to disrupt the world of luxury electric vehicles — the Lotus Emeya. The setting? New York City, aka the center of the known universe. Lotus, the iconic automaker, unveiled the Emeya; their very first four-door hyper-GT, embodying a rich heritage, intelligent performance, and cutting-edge technology.

“We’re pushing the boundaries for how a luxury electric vehicle should look and handle — making it truly for the drivers.” according to Feng Qingfeng, the CEO of the Lotus Group

And that’s exactly what the Emeya promises to deliver.

The Emeya represents a culmination of expertise for a brand steeped in 75 years of engineering and design excellence. It marries innovation with Lotus’ time-tested formula and creates an electric car that’s not just exciting, but exceptional in performance.

The Emeya boasts advanced, active aerodynamic features, including an innovative active front grille, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler. Combined with a low center of gravity known as ‘hyperstance,’ it redefines stability, setting a new standard for ride and handling.

An electronically controlled air suspension, with onboard sensors that register road conditions a staggering 1,000 times per second, ensures the smoothest ride imaginable.

In top-spec, the Lotus’ high-power dual motor setup, capable of a top speed exceeding 155mph and a 0–62mph time of just under 2.8 seconds.

Emeya’s performance is complemented by Lotus’ exceptional charging capabilities. With a 350kW DC fast charger, it can add 93 miles of range in just five minutes and boost range up to 80% within 18 minutes, ensuring confidence on any journey.

According to Ben Payne, Vice-President of Design at Lotus Group, “This is a Lotus like you have never seen before.” The Emeya embodies Lotus’ DNA, seamlessly blending strength, luxury, and performance into a four-door masterpiece.

Stay tuned for further information on the Emeya in Q4, including market availability and pricing details. The Lotus Emeya is set to redefine luxury, performance, and innovation in the electric vehicle landscape, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.