The VC’s Customer, Micromanaging, the ‘Silicon Prairie’, and the CEO Coach | Social Leverage

Social Leverage Letter | Issue #79

Pete Weishaupt
2 min readMar 5, 2023

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III. Being A Venture Capitalist — Who Is Your Customer and Who Is Your Shareholder?

A quick look the relationship between venture capitalists and their customers/shareholders, particularly in light of recent funding difficulties. Some argue that venture capitalists work for their limited partners, others believe that both the LP and the founder are customers the venture. Howard believes the best venture capitalists understand these dynamics and know how to treat both founders and LPs as customers at the right times.

II. Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian, Innovator, Micromanager

In this interview, Jerry Seinfeld discusses his career in comedy, including the creation of his sitcom Seinfeld and his show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. He also shares his thoughts on innovation, micromanagement, and the components of humor.

I. ‘Silicon Prairie’: Why The Midwest Is Becoming A Thriving Hub For Fintechs

The Midwest is becoming a hub for tech startups due to a favorable entrepreneurial climate, a lower cost of living, and a robust pipeline of top tech talent from world-class universities. Founders are attracted to the slower pace of life and relatively lower-stress business environment in the region. As more startups locate their operations in the Midwest, the region is evolving from ;Flyover Country’ into a thriving tech scene known as the ‘Silicon Prairie.’

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