Trademark of Youth

I came across Niti in the usual way. Shitposting on Twitter.

The IG marketing angle pulled me in. I’d grown an IG account from 1k to 4.5k in two months (after going from 0 to 1k in four years.) Naturally, I have an interest, so I explored further.

I don’t recall the post that pulled me in, but I noticed this marketing super star was only 15 years old. Remarkable. Her feed is wise beyond her years. I reached out and asked to write a blog post about her. This is her story:

Niti says she wasn’t always a high performer in school, but she loves competition, so her goal was to be top of her class. The values that drove her in school, like persistence, determination, and a hard work ethic, transferred into her business life.

Her parents, both immigrants, work on the front lines in medicine. Her mother is from India, and her father from Guyana. They are a source of inspiration, pushing her to work hard and build a bright future.

Blessed with a disgust for mediocrity at a young age, Niti says her one fear is being average. She wants more than just ‘going to college and settling for a 9 to 5 job.’ She refuses to let the corporate world control her salary and her freedom.

Her entrepreneurial journey started from binge watching YouTube videos about making money online. She went on to learn social media marketing. For her, marketing means helping people, which is something she loves to do.

Niti says a couple of books had a significant impact on her life and the way she operates: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. Tolle in particular, led her down a path of spirituality.

The transformation from the 2019 Niti to 2020 Niti was a giant leap for her. She was shy, introverted, and didn’t have the best communications skills. Her goal is to change her life completely every year. Her “weakness” took a 180 degree turn. Many friends have noticed, and now describe her as “extroverted.” She turns weaknesses into strengths.

When I asked her if being an Entrepreneur has turned her into a better person, Niti’s response was, “HELL YES!” Without it, she wouldn’t have discovered herself. She says entrepreneurship challenges a person in every way possible; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. Losing 20 pounds in the 8th grade was a big catalyst for a lot of the success she has now. Every year she continues to grow and notes without the spirituality upgrade, she wouldn’t be making the money, or be as happy as she is now.

Her definition of success is winning in all facets of life. While success is different for everyone, she believes in improving your situation by 1% every day. Niti says, “I believe success to be the journey and a road full of fulfillment. Not a road TO fulfillment. Success is happiness, fulfillment, and constant growth.” She disagrees with hustle culture. For her, being healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise, and taking care of your body are requirements. “Success,” says Niti, “is directly correlated to energy. Keep that in mind.”

We close the interview with some tricks of the trade. Niti says batch working is paramount to productivity. She prepares content a month ahead for Instagram, Twitter, and Podcasts. She recommends listening to synthwave to stay in a flow state. Her last tip? Get your hardest work done in the beginning of the day.



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