Writing is Reason, Old King Coal, Private/Public Market Analysis, Uncle Jay’s Countach, and Vampire Slaying

Nothing: Volume CII, Issue #8

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“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” Elon Musk

  • Paul Graham on putting ideas into words.
  • Coal is the largest fuel source for electricity in the world. Production is going up.
  • Howard Lindzon explains what’s going on in private and public market tech.
  • An 86 Lamborghini Countach was Jay Leno’s daily driver for five years.
  • Tweet of the Week: Vampire Slaying Kit.
  • Meta closes deal on Social Leverage portfolio company Kustomer.


The great thing about having a newsletter about nothing is it can be about anything you want. Some men would rather write a newsletter than get therapy. If you enjoy this weeks issue, please tell your friends. If you’re a twitter weirdo, tell your frens.



Paul Graham

Writing something out helps you put your ideas to the test. Even with subjects you know well, you can learn a lot more just from writing about them. In fact, it’s why nothing exists. And by Nothing I mean this newsletter. The best thinkers I know write every day, or nearly every day. Seth Godin and Howard Lindzon have blogged daily for at least sixteen years. Jim O’Shaughnessy writes quite a bit too. Jim has turned Twitter into his blog of choice. His Twitter threads are gold. Two of my favourite Brits, Jeremy Clarkson and Rory Sutherland, are prolific writers as well. Must be something to it?

Visual Capitalist

Coal was in high demand in 2021. As a readily available low-cost energy source, coal filled the supply gap. Global coal consumption was up around +6% in 2021. Gen IV Nuclear fixes this, but smug elites want to ride around in their electric cars with their heads up their asses. Meanwhile the Earth gets raped for coal, lithium, and other rare earth metals while salt of the earth, hardworking Americans are looked down on for their love of internal combustion engines; which are the greatest thing since, well, ever! (See the Countach video)


Odd Lots

Sometimes I can’t believe I have a front row seat to all of this, but I do. Howard gives a Master Class in private and public technology investing; where we were, where we are now, and where we’re going.

Panic with Friends

Alpaca is a Social Leverage Fund III portfolio company. Building a fintech company is constantly having to think 10 steps ahead, both from a legal compliance and tech standpoint. The ‘great round trip’ may have affected public more than private tech companies, but at the end of the day fintech needs to keep banging out code, making the pipes better, and lowering the cost of entry so the next wave of investors get better fills, better pricing, and better access.


YouTube | Jay Leno’s Garage

I’m trying to picture Jay showing up at Trader Joe’s driving this. He even helped a local kid save face by dropping him off at school in it. I want one, just not in red.


The Complete Vampire Slayer’s Kit. One of those things you never knew you needed until you found it.


Social Leverage

This may seem a bit like a self-licking ice cream cone, but it’s a great story from Gary, and a huge win for the team. And technically we’re frens…

Scott Adams

You can get a PhD in Life from Scott Adams. He recently shared a master list of his Micro Lessons.



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